Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Arbor Days in Autumn

It is not a traditional idea, but this year may be the perfect year to do some fall planting. Meteorologists and weather experts are forecasting that this autumn and winter will be very mild and will not see any extreme temperatures. This means that right now, when you normally wouldn’t be planning on planting Grape plants or apple trees,  is the perfect time to start turning over soil.

Temperature zones will also be affected and reformed this year as well.  A zone that only a few years ago would not be able to support grape plants -- which tend to be very picky about climate -- could support a great many acres of the fruit this year.

It will be interesting to see how the changing weather patterns also will change growing areas. States like Utah and Colorodo, which usually have untamed extreme weather fluxuations, will instead see more steady and mild temperatures in the next few months, allowing these regions to be used as prime growing areas.

In-fact, orchards are a growing source of food for both humans and animals. As changing weather has had an adverse effect on crops such as wheat, grain, corn, etc., orchards have a tendency to be stronger and are able to fend off disease and extreme climates.

Seeds, and seedlings can be purchased right now at incredibly low rates. Whether you just want a few apple trees dotting your yard, or would like to look into starting your own working orchard, Willis Orchards has many tools and resources and even full trees and plants. Get more information on caring for fruit trees and orchard trees at:

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