Monday, January 28, 2013

12 Step Programs Taking On New Drugs and Addictions

We now have a very different view on drugs and the war against them, than we had just several years ago. The recognition we have now made, is that simply criminalizing a drug -- and trying to keep people away from it -- is no longer the best option. What we must realize, is that there is a disconnect in the health and wellness of a majority of United States citizens. So many of our fellow peers get sucked into the plight of drugs and alcohol because they simply want, or need something, and drugs and alcohol are substances that we are using to fill this hole.

Drugs and alcohol don't have the ability to cure a health issue. Only the human body is able to cure itself of a disease. Granted, this cure can be stimulated by the presence of a drug in the body; it can even be stimulated by just thoughts, or the will to feel better.

Human beings that are ill, unhealthy, or have certain ailments, just want to feel better. Quite often, if a person is suffering for a very long time, and not receiving any help, they will take matters into their own hands and attempt to find ways to alleviate their pains through any possible means -- including drugs and alcohol. The drug policies in-place in the United States right now, state that a person -- no matter how mentally, physically, or emotionally sick they are -- has the right to possess, buy, or inquire about the purchase of drugs that they feel help them. Instead, they are simply called criminals. 

Calling someone with severe issues a criminal can be a bit harsh, especially when more tax dollars are spent every year punishing people for having drugs, than spent on helping these people who admittedly have problems! This is counter-productive, and the poor souls who are already suffering, are usually sentenced to more time suffering.

There is help for these individuals, though; help in the form of understanding and treatment. By offering 12 step recovery programs, drug rehab, counseling programs, and other pro-active and diversionary tactics, we can spend the same amounts of tax dollars getting these truly sick people the help they deserve, instead of locking them up with real criminals.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

Custom Labels and Stickers

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If you are anything like I am -- addicted to scrap-booking and crafts -- than you understand the sadness I feel every year at this time. The holidays are over, Christmas displays have given way to Valentines candies, and the craft stores are resetting themselves for the new year. All this makes me sad, because I wish it could be Christmas all year 'round. 

However, I do take some comfort in the knowledge that another Christmas is only a little over 300 days away. That is why, in the beginning of the new year, I resolve to keep plugging along with all of my arts and crafts projects as if it truly was Christmas every day. Since I am the only one on my own custom calender, finding all of the Christmas-themed items I need for my crafts can be somewhat of a challenge. I have found a great solution though that helps me get through the year. Frontier Label is an online company that provides custom labels and custom stickers all year 'round. I simply design the Christmas images I want to use, submit it online, and the custom stickers are shipped directly to me. It is fun and easy to use, and has actually given me a great creative edge in my scrap-booking.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Online Source for Questions Regarding Drugs and Addiction

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Individuals of any age, both young and old, may come across a time in their lives where they have questions about drugs, alcohol, about drug rehab, or treatment options for various substances. These questions may be personal questions, questions for a friend, or can be a general curiosity about addict treatment out of the concern, for a family member. While there are many outlets one can turn-to for this information, has long been a well-respected and detailed source for information on drug rehab treatment and counseling.

With "down-to-earth" articles that readers can easily relate to, is the thoughtful and insightful resource for those who have serious questions. Questions like "Can I get fired for going to rehab?" are answered with State and Federal law facts and precedents that provide readers with a definitive answer. News articles and blog topics cover concerns, such as, "What happens in rehabilitation?" ; case studies illustrate the long term effects of drug abuse on the brain, and their reviews and blogs offer help for individuals returning to work after heroin addiction.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

From Holiday Vacation to Spring Semester

Kids and young adults can have a tough time getting back into the swing of their studies when returning from a winter holiday break. Add to this, the fact that school studies and classes tend to get a bit more difficult in the second semester of the school year, and you child might have all of the ingredients to begin slipping in their grades.

The best way to contend with the spring semester slips, is to be proactive and to seek help before the issues become a real problem. Math is traditionally the subject in which students begin to fall behind in the latter half of the year, with math being the overall "toughest" subject to recover from. Vaughn, Ontario math tutor Mathnasium is the #1 location for help and tutoring in math. Assisting students grades 1-12, Mathnasium can take the problems your kids have in math, breakdown the problem-solving steps, and equip kids with the skills needed to work through math problems from beginning to end.

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