Friday, December 21, 2012

Writing, and Getting Published

Writing is a very sacred art, held high by those who perform it. To some, a book is simply tens of thousands of words that look imposing to have to read; for bibliophiles, it is a very detailed and alien world that is just waiting for you to dive in and explore its secrets.

While a perfectly crafted story, tale, or yarn  has the possibility to bring your dreams to life, getting that story into a publishers hands, printed, and into the public can be a nightmarish ordeal. With the great amount of digital publishing solutions available on the web today, traditional publishers or companies offering publishing services are becoming much more selective when it comes to what they accept, publish, and market. What does this mean for you and your story? Well, it means that unless there is an obvious way to make millions and millions of dollars off of your book, the traditional publishers and publishing houses will not be interested in paying you for your story -- even if it is well-written and interesting.

The large publishers have set themselves into their own self-made rut, in-which the company loses money on most of its clients, and brings themselves into the black with only a handful of titles that are widely marketable (i.e. Harry Potter and the billion dollar movies, Twilight and their die-hard fan base, and 50 shades of grey and the hormones it inspires).

If your book doesn't have a clear way to make its own millions, you better get ready for dozens of rejection letters until one editor finally gives you a chance. If you are looking to get your book published a little sooner that this, one option is to self publish the book. Now, this means that you will have to front the bill for publishing and marketing costs, but your book will be printed.

There are many publishing services that offer this type of service, often called vanity publishing, and they can get you set up with the best plans and budgets for your goals and current strategy. SPi Global is one such company that offers e-book conversion and other publishing services.

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Holiday Habits


We are now on the cusp of Christmas. Only a few days away is the jolliest day of the year; a time when we spend memorable moments with family and friends, exchange beloved gifts, and indulge in bountiful feasts. For me this is the best of times, and the worst of times... I am a former addict.

Drugs were never anything I wanted any part of. Friends of mine would use drugs for recreation around me all of the time, but I never touched them... I never even wanted to. For me, alcohol was my only vice. I drank socially at first, but looking back, I can see that it was always at a slow and steady increase from the first drink. At my worst of times, I was easily drinking a half gallon of rum per day.

This will be only the second Christmas I have celebrated since I left drug rehab in California a few years back. Christmas is the toughest time for me, because I see so many friends and family that I haven't seen in a long time. Every one of those friends and family members drinks, and they especially like to drink during the holidays -- this poses many threats for me.

12 step recovery programs have taught me essential lessons for fighting temptations such as those I am about to face, but the holiday temptations can put even the strongest of wills to the test. What I truly have to do is put myself into a healthy and calm state of mind, and do my best to get through the holidays the best I can. Though I am confident in myself, and I know I will exercise every reserve I have, I still do get worried that the temptations will be too great, and I will end up back in 12 step addiction recovery.

So, as I prepare to travel across the country and brave my way through the holidays, I am placing my fate in God's hands, and asking for the strength to get through this, and continue with my sobriety.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Live Life in a Great Neighborhood

Living life to its fullest is much more easily done with the peace of mind that you are living in a safe and comfortable neighborhood. Gilbert, AZ has long been touted as one of the best areas to live in; even winning numerous awards for "Best Neighborhood" and Safest Community."

If you are searching for real estate in Gilbert, AZ, go to the source, AZ Home Info Source. AZ Home Info Source, and the Jason Hall Real Estate Team live and work in Gilbert, Arizona, and their expertise on the area, and the home-purchasing process are unmatched. Visit them online at:

Painkillers: Beyond Epidemic

Newly released analyses from the Associated Press show that the epidemic of prescription drug abuse in the United States is now off the charts. From 2000 to 2010, the rates of prescription drug use and abuse have increased as high as sixteen-fold. While sales of prescription drugs rose only moderately in California, drug rehab facilities and drug rehab programs have seen a surprising trend of heroin, cocaine, and meth addicts switching over to prescription drugs because of their availability. Other states have seen dramatic increases in sales, with sales in New Mexico rising 500%; about the average gain seen in most states.

Originally, the increase in prescription drug abuse centered around the national borders and in and around the Appalachians.  Since 2010, the problem as grown outward from these two centers and have engulfed nearly the entire country. In Fact, 12 step treatment centers have seen such a large increase in those checking in for oxycodone and hydrocodone, that they are having to devote more resources to these specific types of addictions rather than traditional illicit drug addictions.

Do you, or someone you know, have a a problem with prescription drugs and/or painkillers? Above It All Treatment offers 12 step addiction recovery programs that effectively treat the chemical dependency of painkillers such as Oxycontin. Visit us online today, to find out more about treatment options.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cutting Down on Unnecessary C-Sections

 For the past three decades, pregnant mothers -- especially first-time moms -- have been opting for C-Section birth rather than natural birth. Experts attribute the large rise to mothers making the personal choice to give birth via Cesarian for a number of personal reasons. The reasons mothers may give for their choice often times can be for vanity reasons, but the majority of optional cesarians are performed due to the mothers apprehension for the birthing process.

Anxiety cause by the though of giving birth naturally can leave some new mothers completely paralyzed with fear. In these instances, doctors often plan for a C-section early on in the pregnancy, in order to ease the mother's fears, allowing her to complete gestation without stress and anxiety negatively affecting the fetus.

Though the choice of a doctor to approve C-Sections based on this fear seems a very caring decision, some doctors take advantage of this opportunity and perform unnecessary cesarians simply because it is a significant increase to the final bill. Not all doctors opt for cesarians strictly for financial gain, but it does happen, and C-Sections are the most performed operation in the United States.

Today, there is a movement gaining steam, a movement of women aiming for a return to a greater number of natural births. Therapy groups are popping up all around the country in hospitals, community centers, and health clinics; these therapy groups look to ease the fear that women have, not by the promise of a cesarian, but with care and support in a group environment or 1 on 1.

With the rise of these new support groups, health officials are lobbying for a stricter criteria on approving this operation, and offering young mothers more viable options for delivery, if they have worries about the process.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kickboxing for Health

There are many physical activities that one can participate in for a strengthening of muscles, toning of the body, and sharpening of mental health. Karate, and other martial arts teach life lessons and mental techniques that can be used outside of the realm of self defense, and work in other aspects of life as well.

Elite Defense Systems, offering their Rockford Kickboxing classes, tout the benefits of kickboxing for men and women alike. Mental and physical stability is a core focus in the program, and mental focus and control go hand-in-hand with eachother as physical and mental benefits.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The First Few Hours of Rehab

Drug counseling programs and drug rehabs are programs designed to help individuals with chemical dependencies to detox from drugs and/or alcohol, and then to teach them skills and ways to keep from using these substance anymore. It sounds like a simple enough task, but there are many complexities to detox and sobriety.

First off, when an individuals stops using these substances, withdrawal symptoms can start as early as within a few hours. Depending on the type of substance involved with the addiction, these symptoms can range anywhere from mild to severe enough to cause cardiac arrest and death. Heroin rehabs deal with some of the most severe withdrawal symptoms, and usually have a full medical staff observing over the initial detox to ensure that the detox procedure is performed safely. Alcohol rehabs also staff a medical team to observe patients in the initial detox, as alcohol withdrawal can be just as severe.

While other drugs may not cause the extreme side effects of withdrawal that heroin and alcohol often produce, the best drug rehabs will still have medical staff on stand-by at all times, as cessation from any type of drug can cause a variety of physical and mental side effects. Also within the first hours of entering rehab, patients will begin participating in drug counseling programs to help fight any cravings or symptoms they might be having.

Social gathering, communications, and activities are commonplace in inpatient rehabs, as fellow program participants will all be living together in a residential treatment environment. This is opposed to outpatient drug rehab programs, where attendees are allowed to leave the facility and return at will.

All of these things make up the first few hours, and much of the time spent in a rehab; but when separating from a drug addiction, nothing is set in stone, and incidents can come up that may not have been expected.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Easing Into a Life of Sobriety

The prospect of lifelong sobriety can be a daunting prospect for a recovering drug addict or alcoholic; this is why counselors often insist that patients take things, "one day at a time." This approach helps individuals ease into the lifelong commitment that sobriety requires. 12 step recovery programs also reiterate this throughout treatment to contend with the extreme cravings that come with detox.

"Easy does it" is the key to successful recovery; yet a successful recovery is quite possible. Drug rehabs often utilize certain amenities within their facilities in order to slow down the patient's thinking and get them to relax. A relaxed patient with a clear and calm outlook on sobriety has a much better chance for success.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

12 Steps to Sobriety

Originally created as a guideline for abstaining from alcohol in order to battle alcoholism -- which was not yet recognized as a disease -- the 12 steps in the 12 step recovery program have withstood the test of time. Decades after their inception, the 12 steps are helping individuals battle addictions to chemicals and drugs that didn't even exist when the steps were first created.

The reason this approach has been so successful is because of the clear path to sobriety that they illustrate. By giving an individual a direction that they can visualize, then showing them the rewards of the journey, they are more apt to continue on to the finish.

It is for these reasons that so many interventionists and addiction counselors refer individuals seeking help to a 12 step treatment center. There are many recovery centers throughout the country that offer various treatment programs that utilize the 12 steps within their structure. Above It All Treatment is an addiction treatment center just northeast of Los Angeles that offers many 12 step programs at its facility high in the mountains. To learn more about the 12 steps, programs that utilize them, and Above It All's numerous other treatment programs, visit:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Chemical Dependency Programs Re-teaching Life Lessons

A quality chemical dependency treatment program will not only help a patient to abstain from drugs and alcohol through the initial "hardest" times of cessation, but will also teach techniques and strategies for continuing success that the patient can take with them after the program time-period comes to an end.

This is essential to the well-being of the patient, as the underlying conditions that originally led to addiction can still linger after treatment. Being able to successful contend against the temptations to once again use drugs and/or alcohol is the key to a successful long-term recovery.

New Dawn Treatment Centers in Northern California understands the responsibility a chemical dependency treatment center holds in instilling and fortifying values of healthy living into all of its guests. Through programs promoting expressive arts, holistic nutrition, and healthy exercise, New Dawn Recovery suggests alternatives to drugs and alcohol that can lead former addicts to -- when confronted with possible relapse -- choose engaging in a healthy activity, rather than the use of drugs and alcohol.

For more information on New Dawn Recovery's treatment options and locations, visit their official website at:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Out of Body Vacations

There is a simple and effective way to help put you at ease and continue to live life to its fullest, even when you are stuck at your desk and feeling a bit stressed. Its called an "out-of-body vacation."

It takes a little bit of mental creativity, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes much easier. First off, you should have a collection of pictures either at your desk, on your computer, or even saved in your smartphone. These pictures should be of places or scenery that give you a powerful emotional response. I chose the above picture of Venice Italy because I adore the Mediterranean and even the thought of an Italian vacation gets me inspired and relaxed at the same time. Until I can afford a Italian vacation rental, this picture is my mental vacation.

Once you have your picture all you have to do is let your mind wonder within it. Just seeing the picture reminds me of the many travel shows I have seen about the area. I begin to think of the lush vines and foliage spilling over the railing of a small cafe painted in bright Tuscan Yellows. The cafe is just on the side of a rocky outcropping where gulls are sitting, bathing in the mild sunlight. I imagine myself sipping a small coffee drink and wondering what I am going to do with the rest of my day. Maybe lunch in one of the many small parks wedged in between the centuries-old residences that hug the twisting cobblestone streets. Perhaps after that, I will turn in early and simply bundle myself into my cool sheets with the old wooden window open to let the waves crashing against the shoreline be my lullaby.

And then, I am back to work. A short vacation, and it was all only in my mind, but it did the trick. I am now refreshed and relaxed enough to continue on with my daily duties. It is a mental trick, but it works. The only thing that you have to remember is: anything is possible. Don't let your mind build roadblocks to impede your dream. Don't worry about how you will afford that coffee by the sea, you didn't have to pay for it. Don't worry about how you will get to the Italian coast, you are already there. Simply remember that you in that small amount of time, you can do anything that you want; so do whatever you want most.

Where will you go?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Help is Always Here

It is a simple phrase: "help is always here." but believe it or not, for someone suffering through the throes of addiction, it can make all the difference in the world. For many addicts, the message has either been lost, or as lost its familiarity. Often times, addicts will speak of the unbearable feeling of hopelessness that follows them at all times and drags them deeper into the addiction that already rules their lives.

"Help is always here," can be a very strong reminder that "hope" is always with them. Whether that hope comes to life in the form of drug counseling programs or outpatient drug treatment is up to them, but there is still hope.

By recognizing that hope, many individuals can muster the strength to make the choice to receive help.

If you or someone close to you has been suffering with addiction and has forgotten that help is always there, can help. Offering a variety of different treatment programs, including holistic drug rehab, the path to health, happiness, and continued hope...

Help is Always Here.

Living Life To its Fullest

It may be tough on Mondays to remember the joy, hope, and beauty in the world.
Here's your reminder.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Addiction Treatment: Teaching Addicts to Live Life to its Fullest

Hopelessness and desperation are the feelings most often associated with addiction. Individuals struggling with addiction know this all too well. The 'cycle' of addiction is another word used by addicts and health professionals alike, and it holds a connection to the feelings of hopelessness and desperation. The repeating cycle of quitting and starting leads to a feeling that all hope is gone and there is no return.

But there is hope, and addicts can learn that hope and change can come to their lives and that they can make a full return to a healthy and happy life. The hope lies in recovery programs and treatment, such as 12 step recovery programs.

Where an individual seeks treatment for his/her addictions can also dictate the level of hope that they have, and can greatly effect their recovery process. This is why so many rehabilitation facilities and residential treatment centers are located in beautiful locations with luxurious surroundings and amenities and activities that re-invigorate mind body and soul.

Above It All Treatment Center just Northeast of Los Angeles, California knows how a patients surroundings can affect their path to sobriety. This is why their drug rehab and treatment facility is located high in the mountains, surrounded by lush forest, and near the edges of Lake Arrowhead. The serene setting promotes cleansing, peacefulness, and growth. The location of the facility inspires patients to get above it all -- just as the name suggests -- and clear their worries and preoccupations and learn how to truly live life to its fullest in sobriety.

For more information on Above It All, contact them for program options, availability and more...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Arbor Days in Autumn

It is not a traditional idea, but this year may be the perfect year to do some fall planting. Meteorologists and weather experts are forecasting that this autumn and winter will be very mild and will not see any extreme temperatures. This means that right now, when you normally wouldn’t be planning on planting Grape plants or apple trees,  is the perfect time to start turning over soil.

Temperature zones will also be affected and reformed this year as well.  A zone that only a few years ago would not be able to support grape plants -- which tend to be very picky about climate -- could support a great many acres of the fruit this year.

It will be interesting to see how the changing weather patterns also will change growing areas. States like Utah and Colorodo, which usually have untamed extreme weather fluxuations, will instead see more steady and mild temperatures in the next few months, allowing these regions to be used as prime growing areas.

In-fact, orchards are a growing source of food for both humans and animals. As changing weather has had an adverse effect on crops such as wheat, grain, corn, etc., orchards have a tendency to be stronger and are able to fend off disease and extreme climates.

Seeds, and seedlings can be purchased right now at incredibly low rates. Whether you just want a few apple trees dotting your yard, or would like to look into starting your own working orchard, Willis Orchards has many tools and resources and even full trees and plants. Get more information on caring for fruit trees and orchard trees at: