Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Out of Body Vacations

There is a simple and effective way to help put you at ease and continue to live life to its fullest, even when you are stuck at your desk and feeling a bit stressed. Its called an "out-of-body vacation."

It takes a little bit of mental creativity, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes much easier. First off, you should have a collection of pictures either at your desk, on your computer, or even saved in your smartphone. These pictures should be of places or scenery that give you a powerful emotional response. I chose the above picture of Venice Italy because I adore the Mediterranean and even the thought of an Italian vacation gets me inspired and relaxed at the same time. Until I can afford a Italian vacation rental, this picture is my mental vacation.

Once you have your picture all you have to do is let your mind wonder within it. Just seeing the picture reminds me of the many travel shows I have seen about the area. I begin to think of the lush vines and foliage spilling over the railing of a small cafe painted in bright Tuscan Yellows. The cafe is just on the side of a rocky outcropping where gulls are sitting, bathing in the mild sunlight. I imagine myself sipping a small coffee drink and wondering what I am going to do with the rest of my day. Maybe lunch in one of the many small parks wedged in between the centuries-old residences that hug the twisting cobblestone streets. Perhaps after that, I will turn in early and simply bundle myself into my cool sheets with the old wooden window open to let the waves crashing against the shoreline be my lullaby.

And then, I am back to work. A short vacation, and it was all only in my mind, but it did the trick. I am now refreshed and relaxed enough to continue on with my daily duties. It is a mental trick, but it works. The only thing that you have to remember is: anything is possible. Don't let your mind build roadblocks to impede your dream. Don't worry about how you will afford that coffee by the sea, you didn't have to pay for it. Don't worry about how you will get to the Italian coast, you are already there. Simply remember that you in that small amount of time, you can do anything that you want; so do whatever you want most.

Where will you go?

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