Tuesday, November 20, 2012

12 Steps to Sobriety

Originally created as a guideline for abstaining from alcohol in order to battle alcoholism -- which was not yet recognized as a disease -- the 12 steps in the 12 step recovery program have withstood the test of time. Decades after their inception, the 12 steps are helping individuals battle addictions to chemicals and drugs that didn't even exist when the steps were first created.

The reason this approach has been so successful is because of the clear path to sobriety that they illustrate. By giving an individual a direction that they can visualize, then showing them the rewards of the journey, they are more apt to continue on to the finish.

It is for these reasons that so many interventionists and addiction counselors refer individuals seeking help to a 12 step treatment center. There are many recovery centers throughout the country that offer various treatment programs that utilize the 12 steps within their structure. Above It All Treatment is an addiction treatment center just northeast of Los Angeles that offers many 12 step programs at its facility high in the mountains. To learn more about the 12 steps, programs that utilize them, and Above It All's numerous other treatment programs, visit:

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