Monday, January 28, 2013

12 Step Programs Taking On New Drugs and Addictions

We now have a very different view on drugs and the war against them, than we had just several years ago. The recognition we have now made, is that simply criminalizing a drug -- and trying to keep people away from it -- is no longer the best option. What we must realize, is that there is a disconnect in the health and wellness of a majority of United States citizens. So many of our fellow peers get sucked into the plight of drugs and alcohol because they simply want, or need something, and drugs and alcohol are substances that we are using to fill this hole.

Drugs and alcohol don't have the ability to cure a health issue. Only the human body is able to cure itself of a disease. Granted, this cure can be stimulated by the presence of a drug in the body; it can even be stimulated by just thoughts, or the will to feel better.

Human beings that are ill, unhealthy, or have certain ailments, just want to feel better. Quite often, if a person is suffering for a very long time, and not receiving any help, they will take matters into their own hands and attempt to find ways to alleviate their pains through any possible means -- including drugs and alcohol. The drug policies in-place in the United States right now, state that a person -- no matter how mentally, physically, or emotionally sick they are -- has the right to possess, buy, or inquire about the purchase of drugs that they feel help them. Instead, they are simply called criminals. 

Calling someone with severe issues a criminal can be a bit harsh, especially when more tax dollars are spent every year punishing people for having drugs, than spent on helping these people who admittedly have problems! This is counter-productive, and the poor souls who are already suffering, are usually sentenced to more time suffering.

There is help for these individuals, though; help in the form of understanding and treatment. By offering 12 step recovery programs, drug rehab, counseling programs, and other pro-active and diversionary tactics, we can spend the same amounts of tax dollars getting these truly sick people the help they deserve, instead of locking them up with real criminals.

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