Friday, January 4, 2013

Custom Labels and Stickers

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If you are anything like I am -- addicted to scrap-booking and crafts -- than you understand the sadness I feel every year at this time. The holidays are over, Christmas displays have given way to Valentines candies, and the craft stores are resetting themselves for the new year. All this makes me sad, because I wish it could be Christmas all year 'round. 

However, I do take some comfort in the knowledge that another Christmas is only a little over 300 days away. That is why, in the beginning of the new year, I resolve to keep plugging along with all of my arts and crafts projects as if it truly was Christmas every day. Since I am the only one on my own custom calender, finding all of the Christmas-themed items I need for my crafts can be somewhat of a challenge. I have found a great solution though that helps me get through the year. Frontier Label is an online company that provides custom labels and custom stickers all year 'round. I simply design the Christmas images I want to use, submit it online, and the custom stickers are shipped directly to me. It is fun and easy to use, and has actually given me a great creative edge in my scrap-booking.

To learn more about Frontier Label, custom labels, custom stickers, and other arts and crafts accessories, visit them online at:

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