Monday, February 4, 2013

Antique Shopping in Historic Areas

There is something about antique shopping that brings you back to a simpler time, when life was slower and a little more empathetic. Whether you shop antique luxury furniture for the thrill of the hunt, for the obtainable bargains, or for the nostalgia, where you shop for antiques can delegate what exact treasures you will find.

It is often thought of that rural country towns and villages are more likely to have better antiques, because they could have possibly been stored away in this little town or shop for hundreds of years, the owners won't know its true value, and one will be able to get a better deal. While this can be true, there are also stories of mom and pop antique shops out in the country that sell antique reproduction furniture that looks old, but is just meant to look that way and drive a higher price from an untrained purchaser.

In that same right, in urban cities, you have an equally good chance of finding real true antiques, many of which are sitting in storage units in every populous city in America. These are where the true treasures hide -- where they have been forgotten, and are waiting to be rediscovered. For instance, a Manhattan storage unit might not be the place you would think of for finding an antique leather top desk, but in all actuality, Manhattan was once filled to the brim with these antiques. You just have to know that they were in nearly every office building in the city -- during the early 1900s. The trick is to simply search them out.

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