Friday, December 21, 2012

Writing, and Getting Published

Writing is a very sacred art, held high by those who perform it. To some, a book is simply tens of thousands of words that look imposing to have to read; for bibliophiles, it is a very detailed and alien world that is just waiting for you to dive in and explore its secrets.

While a perfectly crafted story, tale, or yarn  has the possibility to bring your dreams to life, getting that story into a publishers hands, printed, and into the public can be a nightmarish ordeal. With the great amount of digital publishing solutions available on the web today, traditional publishers or companies offering publishing services are becoming much more selective when it comes to what they accept, publish, and market. What does this mean for you and your story? Well, it means that unless there is an obvious way to make millions and millions of dollars off of your book, the traditional publishers and publishing houses will not be interested in paying you for your story -- even if it is well-written and interesting.

The large publishers have set themselves into their own self-made rut, in-which the company loses money on most of its clients, and brings themselves into the black with only a handful of titles that are widely marketable (i.e. Harry Potter and the billion dollar movies, Twilight and their die-hard fan base, and 50 shades of grey and the hormones it inspires).

If your book doesn't have a clear way to make its own millions, you better get ready for dozens of rejection letters until one editor finally gives you a chance. If you are looking to get your book published a little sooner that this, one option is to self publish the book. Now, this means that you will have to front the bill for publishing and marketing costs, but your book will be printed.

There are many publishing services that offer this type of service, often called vanity publishing, and they can get you set up with the best plans and budgets for your goals and current strategy. SPi Global is one such company that offers e-book conversion and other publishing services.

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